"After the Age of Revelation came the Age of Concealment. Sleeves flowed along forearms and closed tight at the wrist, hems fell to the ankle, necklines rose above the collarbone...In his eagerly awaited spring / summer collection [Hyperion] proclaimed the final liberation of costume from the female body. The new dress completed the urge toward concealment by developing the bodice upward into a complete covering for the face and head...to use the area between collarbone and scalp as a transitional element, by expanding the idea of a dress upward to include the space above the height of the wearer...

Commentators welcomed the enclosure dress but were divided over its merits. Some argued that it represented the ultimate defense of the female body against visual invasion, while others saw in it the final liberation of costume from its demeaning dependence on the body." 

Steven Millhauser, "A Change in Fashion," Harper's, May 2006


Paper Dress Studies, 2006. Grey padding board, cotton muslin nylon lacing, hemp yarn, stainless steel hardware.