Flock, designGUILD, 2013. Andrea Ling, Jonah Humphrey, Spencer Rand, Patrick Svilans. Commissioned proposal for Traffic Triangle at Bathurst St & Vaughan Rd, Toronto. CNC cut aluminum & high-density polyurethane bird forms with high-gloss finish, rotating painted stainless-steel spine, gear system enclosed in painted stainless-steel columns. Approximately 3.5m x 15m. The art proposal explores the experience of movement of a bird in flight. The piece features 36 sequential bird silhouettes, suspended from a sine wave shaped axle. This can be rotated by visitors to the site to create wave movements in the canopy above. 

Tessellation Garden, designGUILD, to be completed 2016. Johnathon Wong, Andrea Ling, Jonah Humphrey, Spencer Rand, Patrick Svilans. Commissioned by the Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association, Kitchener. Laser cut aluminum panels, galvanized steel structure, stainless steel hardware, LEDs.  Approximately 30’L x 9’H. Tessellation Garden is a three-dimensional relief sculpture conceived as a geometric patchwork of thin metal panels inlaid with a pattern of twisting stems, leaves, and flowers. The design pays homage to the regions tradition in textiles and other practical crafts while reinvigorating a neglected pocket of the Cherry Park Neighbourhood. 

Current, designGUILD, 2015. Andrea Ling, Jonah Humphrey, Spencer Rand, Patrick Svilans. Commissioned proposal for public art at Royal York Station, commissioned by Toronto Transit Commision. Laser-cut 1" thick coloured resin fins, gloss white acrylic spacer, stainless steel hardware. Current is a proposed sculpture for a Toronto subway station that is meant to celebrate the dynamics inherent to movement through the city and the traces that we leave that collectively accumulate in the fluid space around us. 

Zoetropic Top, designGUILD, 2012. Andrea Ling, Jonah Humphrey, Spencer Rand, Patrick Svilans. Proposal for Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre Public Art Competition, Toronto. The kinetic sculpture rotates when activated by human hands, creating various patterns as the device spins. The rotating images become a moving narrative whose speed and choppiness depends on the user's movements. The intent was that the narrative images be developed with community participation. Regent Park is one of the largest social housing communities in Canada and the sculpture was meant to foster different levels on interactivity and creative control with the local community. 

Drawings by Andrea Ling. Renderings and video by Jonah Humphrey and Spencer Rand.