Foundry District Energy Centre, Kongats Architects, 2010
The District Energy Centre was intended to provide District Energy for the 2015 PanAm Athletes Village in the West Donlands district. The project was the adaptive re-use of a heritage listed Foundry building. The project also included public artwork and an educational agenda in its program. The artwork that was developed was a light installation of highly saturated colours, visible from the street, that indicated the pattern of energy output the building was producing. The building elevations featured deep cuts into facade that allowed the public a glimpse into the mechanical innards of the building. The building also featured the use of photo-voltaic panels that fed back into the city's electrical grid, with the intent that the energy that the light installation consumed would be offset by the solar harvesting. 

Project Architect: Alar Kongats
Project Co-ordinator: Andrea Ling
Design Team: Antoine Morris, Michael Blois, Sukie Leung
Structural: Halsall Associates Limited
Mechanical: FVB Energy Inc.
Electrical / Acoustical: Dillon Consulting
Heritage: Unterman McPhail Associates
Client: Waterfront Toronto
Area: 1,100 sqm