Photo by Eduardo Avenir Jr. 

Photo by Eduardo Avenir Jr. 

Hi, I'm Andrea Ling.

I'm currently a research assistant for Neri Oxman in Mediated Matter at the MIT Media Lab. My background is as an architect and installation artist. I am a founding partner at designGUILD, a Toronto-based art and design collective and have previously worked at Philip Beesley Architect Inc as a designer and project lead, Kongats Architects as an architect and project co-ordinator, and at the University of Alberta as a research assistant for the department of Physiology. I finished my M.Arch at the University of Waterloo with a background in human physiology from the University of Alberta. I am interested in material research, physical story-telling, and making things. This website is a collection of some of the projects I've worked on - some for school, some for work, and some for me. 

Download CV here: Andrea Ling CV

designGUILD portfolio here:

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